Teaching, Curriculum and Cultural Processes

Description: Description: This research line consists of the articulation of investigations in the fields of curriculum, teaching, teacher education and the history of education. It investigates the political-cultural theories-practices in the multiple contexts of learning and the environment, in their epistemological unfolding. It covers issues related to the ethical-aesthetic-political dimensions of the different educational networks, the processes of subjectivation, the affirmation of difference and the complex challenges, impacts and movements of creation and resistance to the processes of inequality experienced in contemporary society.

Prof. Dr. Ana Carolina Galvão Marsiglia
Prof. Dr. Janete Magalhães Carvalho
Prof. Dr. Carlos Eduardo Ferraço
Prof. Dr. Martha Tristão
Prof. Dr. Silvana Venturim
Prof. Dr. Erineu Foerste
Prof. Dr. Geide Coelho
Prof. Dr. Regina Helena S. Simões
Prof. Dr. Valdete Côco

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
PAR 28/12/2009 24
Subprojeto do projeto Federalismo e Políticas Educ 17/06/2017 36
20/06/2016 48
01/03/2018 48
02/07/2018 36
FCPA 01/08/2019 12
01/04/2017 24
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